Affirmation 2/13/18

You are loved. You are supported. You are not in this life on your own. Even when you feel alone, which is normal and valid, there are so many people around you who love and support you. There are people all over the world who have had hardships and traumas. You do not have to suffer alone.

I’m glad you’re here.


Affirmation 2/8/18

Friend, setbacks will happen. Things will happen that are out of your control. They may affect you. That’s hard. They may take you back a few steps. That’s harder. Nonetheless, you are valid. You are still in control of yourself. You are still strong. I desperately wish you did not have to keep using your full strength, that it could lay to rest for a while. Still, you are strong. Keep fighting.

I’m glad you’re here.

Affirmation 11/22/17

You are valid. You are good. You are loved. You are worthy. You are powerful. You are loved. You are strong. You are brave. You are loved. You are beautiful. You are kind. You are loved. You are loved. You are loved.

I’m glad you’re here.