Affirmation 10/17/17

Friend, you are made of so much light. The dark of the world is vast and can feel like it’s closing in, but you continue to shine in all of it. Don’t let the world take your light. Keep shining, starlight.

I’m glad you’re here.


Affirmation 10/11/17

Deep breath. Slow, even breath. With each new breath bring in the strength of the past. Breathe in the stardust of centuries. Breathe in the power of trees. Breathe in the all that came before you. Release all of the hurt and fear and share with the air renewed hope.

I’m glad you’re here.

Affirmation 10/10/17

You, beautiful star, shine so brightly in so much darkness. Some days, I know, it’s hard to hold onto your light, to feel like you’re shining as brightly as you can. That’s okay. You’re doing beautifully, darling light.

I’m glad you’re here.