Adventure in the end and the next step

I’m currently in my next project. I’ve challenged myself to 30 days of 30 honest letters. I’m writing a letter a day for 30 days. 30 letters to people I feel I must be honest with about all sorts of things.

With that here they are, the last ones. Enjoy.

981) If you can’t spell it, don’t use it until you can.
982) A soda between friends is as important as any other beverage.
983) Sit in the line as long as you must.
984) Do not love for your sake.
985) Do not comfort people through touch simply because you do not know what else to do.
986) Make sure the love you give to someone in pain has nothing to do with you.
987) Work ahead.
988) Never let people go without understanding how much you love them.
989) Emotions are important.
990) Do not use them to manipulate your circumstances.
991) If you come to a word you don’t know the meaning of, stop and look it up.
992) There is always an opportunity to be honest. Take it.
993) Make sacrifices. For no other reason than anyone but yourself.
994) Give.
995) It’s okay to come back.
996) Do not let your mouth do all of the talking.
997) Some of your most challenging teachers can become your dearest friends.
998) Love the brotherhood.
999) Fear God.
1000) Honor the king.
1001) LIVE


Adventure in staying strong

971) Listen as hard as you can. You may only get the one chance.
972) When your heart is on the line, don’t just let things go.
973) When you find yourself at a loss for words, please, don’t try to come up with something to say.
974) If someone has shared something important with you, treat it as such.
975) Your burdens are not that burdensome to those who love you.
976) Please, don’t feel alone in your pain. Your pain is unique to you, but know you aren’t the only one hurting.
977) Put in the extra effort.
978) There is always hope.
979) When you feel lost in the world, don’t hide in your home.
980) You are not your job.

The days wear on, and I feel myself struggling on. A pair of friends in Indy. Torn between two worlds. I love my job. I love my apartment. I love Huntington. I miss my friends. And yet, I’m in Huntington right now, and I find myself feeling out-of-place in a place that just one month ago, two weeks ago even, I called “home.”

A painful but beautiful afternoon with a friend brought me out of dark place and into a different but still straining place. Every day is more beautiful and more difficult than the last. And yet there is pain out there different and more complicated than mine, that I must not neglect or ignore.

And here I am, struggling to find the words.