Adventure in New Job

Success! Fate and prodding have afforded me a new job! I’ve landed myself a high-pressure workage at the Huntington Herald-Press. I’m an executive. BOOSH. When really all I do is persuade people to give me money to put stuff about their business in the paper. They call it “sales.” KEYS!

I’ve always sort of felt like sales wasn’t for me, but apparently they think it is.  I started today, but didn’t really do anything. So next week when my life really gets rolling we’ll see how I feel. Today, I felt like a receptionist who never does anything. Like a receptionist at a slaughter-house or something…only way less gruesome. Way less.

There are only about 10 of us in the whole building, so that will be an adjustment from the 40+ of us at the airport. An adjustment I will gladly make. It’s going to be a lot of me being self-motivated, but ya know what, I think I can do it. I believe in me. (See what I did there?)

It’s going to be a struggle. For a while. I need to get myself in a place though where it’s ok. I want to be someone who doesn’t just say she’s ok with failing, but is good at it and learns from it. Quickly. I want to be someone who can live her life without wigging out every couple of minutes. I think I’m improving, but I’ve got a way to go still.

It’s probably a good thing I like to drive because from what I understand I’m going to be spending a lot of my time in the car, which, well good. Not upset about it.

Now begins the real problem. Where’s a sister to live? It’s 45 minutes from my parents’ house to the press. And I certainly don’t live in Huntington. So I’m looking into places down here to live, but though they seem relatively decent the ones that I could conceivably afford would require two or more roommates. At present I have a dog. Know what? Most of the places I’ve looked at just don’t dig that. Even if she is freaking adorable. And all of the people I can see myself living with are boys…or freshman. Neither of these will work out well. Thus I need an alternative to this situation.

Life? Repairo.


Adventure in College from the Other Side

The last 2 1/2 weeks I’ve found myself in the most wonderful situation. The Harry Potter class I once took now finds me at the front of the room marking points and occasionally teaching. Mostly I find myself stunned by how juvenile 18-22-year-olds are. Crying about Harry Potter, after they talk about how wrong it is to obsess over something that isn’t God. 

But more importantly, or impressively? I’ve found myself taking care of some of my dearest friends. I’ve also found myself spending more time with people on campus than I ever did while I was actually in college.

It makes me miss seeing people all of the time. Getting free t-shirts. Caring for sick friends. Cooking dinner. Doing dishes. I miss living on my on.

It all makes me desperately want to find something that affords me the opportunity to get out on my own. While I appreciate my parents allowing me to stay with them longer than I need to it does make me feel like I’m back-tracking in life. Like I can’t seem to move forward. I spend four years in college on my own. And now two years back where I have no real responsibilities. It’s not conducive to growth. Must grow.