Affirmation 8/24/16

Deep breath. Take in every molecule of calm. You are worthy. You are more than the opinions of others. You are more than the constructs of others. You are more than enough. You are ideal. Please, keep being you. You’re the only one we have, and the one we have is beautiful.

I’m glad you’re here.

Affirmation 8/23/16

You’ve seen it every day for almost three months. Maybe it’s lost its potency, so please pay attention. I’m glad you’re here. You are making a difference. You have a voice worthy of being heard. Don’t let people make you feel differently. You have value. Your ideas, words, emotions, thoughts, they’re real and valuable. I’m glad you’re here. There are people in your life who look forward to seeing you, hearing from you. I’m glad you’re here. Your heart and mind matter. I’m glad you’re here. You can do this.

I’m so glad you’re here.

Adventure in Creative30for30 Round 2

Last year I participated in a hashtag driven challenge started by local artist and acquaintance Matt Plett. He dubbed it #creative30for30. It challenged all participants to get creative and complete something each day. Last year was super hard for me. I never felt like I was keeping up or giving my best. I still didn’t this year, but I did do more than was required. I did all 31 days of July even though the challenge only calls for 30 days. I did more than one thing on several days, and not as a means of making up time. The culmination of it all was an audition. It was also meant to include a stand-up set, but the show was cancelled. Here are my additions for this year’s challenge in, as best as I can muster, order. Some times I didn’t post anything because I wrote jokes or worked on a now cancelled project. But work was put in every day. I’m not proud of every piece, but I am proud that every day I put the work in.




Floyd and Animal are recreations of previous projects that I’d given away. I wanted the whole band back together again.







The above was preparation for this.












Affirmation 8/18/16

Deep breath. Deep, even breath. With each exhale let go. Let go of the stress and pain of yesterday. It’s behind you and unchangeable. Clear your mind of it. Exhale worry. Exhale pain. Exhale chaos. Fill your lungs. Fill your mind. Fill them with peace and power and calm. You can do this. Yesterday has no claim on you. You can do this.

I’m glad you’re here.

Affirmation 8/16/16

Hi, friend. You are more beautiful and powerful than the darkness today. You are a light in all of that darkness. Shine bright. You are every star and every blaze of light across the sky. You are meteors and stars. You are galaxies in darkness. Shine bright.

I’m glad you’re here.