Affirmation 12/9/16

Deep breath. Slow, even breaths. As you breathe in fill your lungs and body with calm and peace. With each inhale let your mind built with peacefully blood and calming cells. Breathe in a rebuilding. Exhale the demolition. Let anxiety and fear leave your body with each breath. Picture it leaving and calm entering. Become this calm.

I’m glad you’re here.

Adventure in Gratitude Day 30

So late. Not sorry.

Creative friends.

Friends who pitch ideas with actual passion behind them. Friends that see the pain in not moving forward. Friends that push. Friends that dig down deep and say “here it is, the grossest part of me. look at how beautiful.” Friends who offer a better tag. Friends who offer criticism. Friends who high-five truly good ideas. Friends who encourage failure. Friends who see the merit in failure. Friends who encourage getting back up and trying again. Friends who throw you up for another chance and wait with their hands locked for that safe basket catch. Friends who aren’t embarrassed by or for you when you fall on your face, because that face plant is another new start. Friends who kick around that idea until it gets better. Friends who see when there’s no life to live left in that idea. Friends who see when their is so much life left in that idea and aren’t relenting until it breathes again. Friends who say “here is what i know about. how can it help you?” Friends who say “here is what i don’t know about. can you help?”

Can you help? Can I help?