Adventure in a few more

961) An event admission bracelet should be removed no later than one day after the event.
962) A hospital bracelet, while a good conversation starter, is not cute. And it just looks like attention seeking. Once you’re out of the hospital, take it off.
963) Kismet and kindred feel similarly and can start the same way. They are not the same.
964) You have options. Don’t resign yourself to things because you feel stuck.
965) Some times, no shoes are the best shoes for walking long distances.
966) Stay hydrated.
967) Do not let your insecurities hold you back from taking the risks you know you must take.
968) Emotions are often louder than truth.
969) Don’t lie.
970)If you think you must (you don’t need to), make sure you are still honest with yourself.


Adventure in reaching the end

The end is nigh!

So I will offer less rules with greater frequency until that day is here. Get ready kids. It’s comin’.

951) Save your ticket stubs.
952) Holding onto the past inhibits growth.
953) Never refuse a free doughnut.
954) If you start a life somewhere don’t try to keep living your old life.
955) Don’t mistake refusal to let go of an unfortunate situation or event for “processing” and recovery.
956) Do not belittle the fears of others.
957) Some times people just want you to listen. Don’t try to fix them.
958) Some times is not every time. Help when you need to.
959) People are not Pokemon. You don’t gotta catch ’em all.
960) No is an important word to know how to say and use.

Adventure in Starting Anew

On Wednesday the time had come. So I put it off a little longer. I spent the afternoon on the roof and at Johnson’s with one Jordan Peterson. And when Eric Wolfe called to tell me that we needed to put off moving my bed until after the softball games I was more than happy to accommodate.

So I packed up my last few worldly possessions and spent the evening with my dear friends watching more wonderful people lose two brutal softball games.

Eric and I packed the bed into his truck and drove the 40 minutes both ways to my parents house, having some really necessary and life-giving conversation.

And then came the hard part. I came home, and there was Melissa. I avoided eye contact as long as I knew I could get away with, but the time had come. I told her not to make me cry, but she did it anyway. To be fair she was crying too. I drove over to Forester and said good-bye to the Edingers and Stephen. And I was off. Crying all the way.

But how can I complain? I got to spend my last weekend before I moved to Indy with three of my favorite people on the planet. We did everything we could have wanted to, and even developed some dreams along the way.

In other news I also started my new job today, which I love. A job that’s all about the way my brain works. I can’t hate that.

So the rules.

901) You won’t always know when you’ll get to see your friends again. Don’t lose heart.
902) A new place, in which you are allowed to paint, is a giant blank canvas.
903) When on a bike, also wear a helmet.
904) If you can though, try to plan out at least one time in the future, even if it is in a year, when you will see your friends again.
905) Always have something to look forward to. Even if it seems insignificant.
906) Ice cream does not taste as good alone.
907) A hot beverage on a hot day does not feel as refreshing, but it is better for your body.
908) When unpacking, try to put the weird little things away first. They’re harder to find places for and you know where the big stuff goes. It will feel less daunting later.
909) Do not wait more than 5 days to unpack.
910) When you are packing try to be as organized as possible. It will keep things easier on the other end.
911) Label. Label. Label.
912) Checks that people give you should be put in a memorable place.
913) One of life’s greatest challenges is asking for money when you need it most.
914) Somehow it is easier to ask for money when you only want it.
915) Give the new job a shot before you get too wrapped up in the idea of what could be.
916) The idea of being away from the people you love most is horrifying.
917) Some times the most horrifying things to do are also the things you most need to do.
918) Do not let your relationships rule your life.
919) Do not let your relationships become your god.
920) A new community of believers will not instantly feel like the ideal fit.
921) But don’t give up the search for where God wants you because you feel comfortable.
922) Strong Biblical teaching is key when searching for a new place for Sunday worship.
923) Do not let community become your god.
924) Don’t date someone you work with.
925) Be careful when pursuing relationships within a close-knit group of people. If things go badly, as things often do, it could muck up a lot of things for a lot of people.
926) Your personal, dating relationships should be able to be your own business and your own choosing. Unfortunately, they affect everyone.
927) PDA is messy and gross. Don’t get caught up in it.
928) They awkward and horrible, but when the time comes (even or especially when the timing doesn’t seem just right) have those DTRs.
929) Do not let your life’s burdens become what people know you for.
930) When you move into a new place, make sure there is someone around that you can have a light saber fight with. (even if you don’t have it. just know that you could. I will always be this person for you)
931) If it is under 5 miles, especially in a big city, you can ride your bike.
932) Storms are powerful things. Use caution. Enjoy their beauty and power.
933) If you need your headlights on, you don’t need your sunglasses.
934) Do not neglect local businesses.
935) Flea markets are a good way to find everything you didn’t know you were looking for.
936) When you are comfortable with yourself it will matter a lot less what you’re wearing.
937) If you exercise moderation before you move out it will be much easier to employ it when you do.
938) If you insist on taking books with you, I insist you read them.
939) If you have the choice between a dishwasher and a sink, use the sink as much as you can.
940) Conserve when best you can.
941) When your life has lost all ritual, embrace liturgy.
942) When your life seems to structured liturgy will make your relationship with God seem forced or habitual.
943) Do not become stagnant. Especially with God.
944) Feel no compulsion when you are no longer around me to contact me every day. I understand.
945) Don’t let me start to think I’ll never hear from you again either.
946) You dad is interested too. Tell him about your life too.
947) No matter what you need, please at least ask. We want to help.
948) If your taste in music seems to be a little lacking, ask your friends. You like them, odds are you’ll like what they like.
949) When traveling, don’t be so uncomfortable in a new place that you forget to explore everything you want to see.
950) When you can go see where it is your history and heritage come from.