Affirmation 5/22/18

You are worth the fight. You are worth the effort. You are worthy of love. Don’t give up on yourself. Please.

I’m glad you’re here.


Affirmation 3/15/18

You are doing so well, my friend. You are powerful and prevailing. You are moving forward, even when it doesn’t feel like it. You are doing such beautiful and important work, and I promise you are worth that time.

I’m glad you’re here.

Affirmation 3/8/18

You have fought. You have worked. You have struggled. You have succeeded. You have fallen. You have carried. You have been carried. Warrior, life is long. It takes work, and you continue to put in that work, even when it feels impossible to do. Keep fighting and working, warrior. You’re worth it.

I’m glad you’re here.