Adventure in Probing Questions

It’s been a good long while since I’ve felt compelled to write anything. At all. To anyone. Life is very defeating, and to say I’m struggling would be an understatement. But things are on the up, or at least more manageable, and I’ll be fine. I’d been itching all day to find the best possible words to express my current situation. Decidedly, I won’t address it at all.


Today to prove a point my friend Hannah asked me a very probing question. I took it far more seriously than she needed me to. More importantly I took it far more seriously than anyone should have, which naturally meant you deserved to learn my over-analyzed answer.

The question (so to speak):
Name the top 5 (later extended to 10) TV shows you think everyone should watch.

Here in my humble opinion are the top 10, in no real order, that I think everyone should watch.

To be a better friend. To see that at all odds so often it is friendship and the sacrifice for it that makes us better people. That good friends, when we’ve truly found them, can help save us from ourselves.
X-Files (through season 7):
To encourage us to continue questioning everything. Even things that seem completely sound can’t hurt from a second look. To encourage faith in what seems most improbable.
To cope. To better understand why comedy is important. How it is so important to help us deal with pain. To see how regular people, average people, are just as important as pretty people. Because some times you really do just want to go where everybody knows your name and where the troubles are all the same.
To further and more clearly understand comedy in pain. How the hardest moments and time bring some of the most unlikely people together. And why the friendships built in life’s hardest times are so easily our most valuable.
*clearly there’s a theme in my head*
Sesame Street:
To learn any and all of life’s most important things. Academic and personal. Racism. Death. Friendship. Sharing. Counting. Reading. Writing. Colors. Jokes
To keep one grounded from thinking that life must be so dramatic. To understand that some times life is enough.
For obvious reasons, but cautiously for the overly dramatic reasons. To remind that some people come and go, but there are some who are constant.
I Love Lucy:
For a clear picture of growth in the modern marriage. To see that women are as capable as men, even when no one believed they were
The Cosby Show:
Because all families are families, and it’s important for all of us to remember all angles. (See also: Family Matters)
Because minor characters have value on their own. If you don’t know, Frasier is a spin-off of Cheers. Frasier’s role on Cheers was not enormous, but grew over time. In many circles his series is better received. (See also: Family Matters)
I want go further, though I could.