Affirmation 2/12/18

You, dear one, are the only you we have. There isn’t anyone else in the world exactly like you. No one else carries your experiences and personality. No one else carries the specific set of things you’ve learned from life. That makes you special. You matter. You are important. We need you.

I’m glad you’re here.


Adventure in the Lies We’re Fed

“God has made someone special just for you.”
“Everyone has a soulmate.”
“Just wait for the One.”


I blame many things. I won’t buy into the lie. I don’t think God’s ever said he’s making one person for us. Granted there are some cases in the Bible that show God telling people to marry very specific people. So where does it come from? Where do Christian girls get this idea? I’d rather have someone tell me to just keep my legs together than lie to me. Now I get that this all makes me sound very cold and jaded. As it is, I’m not. I feel surprisingly not cold. I just don’t buy that there’s one person for every person. I know too many wonderful people in the world, some of the strongest people I know, who have been single their entire lives. They aren’t 20-somethings either. They’re 80-somethings and 50-somethings and all sorts of ages. It’s a failure to keep our focus. It’s the belief that we deserve more than God is giving us. It’s taking our eyes off of Christ and the Kingdom that let us believe that we deserve to have one person made just for us. When really the “best” person for each person is the one that makes you better use to the Kingdom as a pair.

Until that day comes I’ll blame Dawson’s Creek.

And when that’s done, if we stop and think about soulmates we can understand that it doesn’t have to mean someone we’re destined to marry. Destiny. Blergh. So let’s look at a different Dawson’s Creek point, as I will continue to blame it. And Disney.

Because it’s nonsense. I’ve seen 30 Rock. There aren’t many princes left. So it’s just ridiculous. And from what I understand most princes are asses. I’m good with a peasant.

Because I’m not a princess. I’m kind of a bitch, but I’m not a princess. So let’s just get that crap out of here. K?

Dawson, Joey, Pacey, Snow, Disney, quit it. And teenage and 20-something Christian girls, refocus. Please, for your heart’s sake.