Adventure in Here We Go

In a few short weeks, with short funding, I will be leaving my Huntington family and moving to Indy. To a beautiful apartment. With a wonderful kitchen. Hardwood floors. I want to marry this apartment. I want to bake in it every day. I want to curl up in the dining room/office and read or paint. I want to lay in my bed in my own place and enjoy some quality me time.

I start a brand new job only a couple of weeks after that. An associate editor. How important do I sound? It’s the change I’ve been looking for.

It’s a scary place though. The whole idea. I’ve had some wonderful people in my life. Headset, Spyband, the theatre department, Brett and Will. God has offered me something though in the last few months I never thought I’d get to have. 5 of the finest friends anyone could ask for and an army of other beautiful friends who I can hardly believe I must leave.  It’s the hardest and probably most important thing I’ve ever had to do.  But here comes the kick. Get ready.

701) Never walk away from a good-bye.
702) Some of your favorite days will be marked by the most mundane activities and the most extraordinary people.  
703) It’s never too late to let people know how much you appreciate them.
704) Everyone deserves a chance.
705) When you know change is coming spend as much time with your friends as you can.
706) Please don’t fight the need to cry.
707) Even if you must go alone, travel to see your friends.
708) Stay until the very last-minute you can.
709) When it’s the last time, there is no bed time.
710) You’re not going to realize all the things you wanted to do until the end, when there isn’t time.
711) Phones are important.
712) Do not fear being by yourself.
713) Being by yourself does not mean that you are alone.
714) Do not discredit people simply because they are new to you.
715) When things are at an end do not focus on the end. Focus on the what you still have. Enjoy every moment
716) Keep stamps on hand
717) Have the hard conversations
718) Don’t lose sight of what you truly value.
719) A resignation is not letting someone down.
720) when you can stand next to large bodies of water and enjoy the expanse.
721) The joy of truly good friends is the opportunity to feel you do not have to perform or pretend.
722) Do your best to never make the people in your life feel like you are controlling them
723) Do not manipulate humans.
724) Your spare key, especially to your car, is best kept as your responsibility.
725) Turn signals are not to be trusted
726) Some times, strangers are the most generous and helpful people.
727) Some times they’re scary and dangerous.
728) Drive safely.
729) Be careful.
730) When you must say good-bye. Only say it once. Don’t make it harder than it has to be.
731) Some times the things people tell you in your dreams, dream though it may be, are important things for you to hear.
732) You won’t always get to be a part  of every little thing. This isn’t a bad thing.
733) The things in others that annoy you the most are often the things you dislike the most about yourself. Fix yourself first.
734) If you forgot bug spray, those bites are your own fault.
735) When it is hot your hair will not look the way you want. It probably won’t be pretty. It’s hot. People understand.
736) Soul mates are a silly idea. Doesn’t mean they don’t exist. It also doesn’t mean yours won’t be the finest friend you’ve ever had and not necessarily a boy.
737) When you can, wake up early.
738) Your burdens do not have to be shouldered alone.
739) Budget.
740) Road trips are often best soundtracked with the worst and most popular songs from your younger years.
741) Sofas can always seat more than 4.
742) Keep no one on your hook.
743) Lay outside with your friends and enjoy the sun. Or the rain.
744) Some times naps are essential.
745) Some times they are a bad use of time.
746) Keep Popsicles on hand in the summer
747) There is never too much ice cream
748) Newer isn’t always better.
749) The scariest steps are often the most important ones. 
750) Some of the most crowded and friend-filled places will feel the loneliest and saddest. Don’t lose heart.