Affirmation 5/14/18

Dear one, you’re doing fine. I promise. Bad days are going to happen, but so are good ones. Know that in all of them you are doing fine.

I’m glad you’re here.


Affirmation 12/20/17

Friend, you’re doing fine. It may not feel like it. To the outside world it may not look like it. You are though. You are here, and that’s incredible. You’re still fighting, even when you want to give up. You are still here. That’s a truly beautiful thing.

I’m glad you’re here.

Affirmation 6/23/17

Look, you’re doing fine. Yes, some times heads and hearts feel like they’re going to explode. Yes, some times emotions run so high you can’t see anything. Yes, some times hurts go so deep they stop you from moving. That’s okay. It’s all okay. What’s good is that you are you, and you are wonderful. You really are doing fine.

I’m glad you’re here.

Adventure in Schmidiots

Now maybe it’s because I grew up in Indiana. Maybe it’s because there was a cornfield less than a block from our house. Maybe it’s because I went to college. Maybe it’s because I still live in Indiana.┬áMaybe it’s because I fear getting slapped with a fine. Maybe I’m smarter than I┬áthink. Whatever the summarized version I can honestly say I wouldn’t call the police to get out of a corn maze.

Now, I might yell for help. I might retrace my steps. I might push my way through the corn. I might keep trying. I might break down and cry, which I did once in a hay maze. But I was 8 and it was enclosed, and I still got out. (Curse you, Hilgers!) I might…no. I’d just push my way through the corn. This is not okay.

What’s worse is that the police didn’t suggest they yell for help. They didn’t suggest they walk through the corn. No. The police drove out to the corn maze to help.

I hate every day.