Adventure in Gratitude Day 14

A year ago I was a mess. I was. I’d been a mess for a while.

One day this human started coming to our shows pretty regularly. Not every show, but a lot of them. Always nice to me, which at the time was even more unheard of than things are now.

One night he sat down next to me, while we waited before we opened the doors. Didn’t say much, just sat beside me.

People make me uncomfortable. They can make me feel threatened or like I’m in the way, more than I’d like to admit.

This one though, this person, made me feel safe. Still does. Tells me when I’m being dumb and overreacting. Listens to me whine more than anyone. Reminds me that the things no one else wants to hear, aren’t me being a baby; it’s trauma being real and dark and hard. He makes me laugh. He encourages me, even when he doesn’t fully understand. He met me where I was and despite everything continues to push me to grow. He helps me stay grounded. No matter how I’ve changed in the last year, he’s helped me feel so safe and so valued.

I’m so thankful.


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