Adventure in Gratitude Day 7

Kristen, Amber, Hannah.

College friends are important, but the college friends who understanding you at your core without explanation. The college friends who don’t need a recap, but just pick up where we were. The ones you can only see every few months, or worse every several years, and everything is still magic. Everything is still compassion and silliness at once. They aren’t the only ones. They aren’t.

They are the three though that offer both laughter and constant support in the same amounts. The ones that if they were here we would never stop laughing at all of our pain. The ones that when things are devastating, even if you haven’t heard from them in months, you can reach out to without question. They aren’t the only ones. Months don’t go by without communication. Minutes, maybe. And if months do, something is wrong. You know it in your bones.

I love them. I need them. I miss them. I’m so thankful for them.

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