Adventure in Gratitude Day 3

This one was going to wait until Sunday or even Monday, but my mind is spinning about this. My heart races about this.

Guerrilla Theatre started long before I knew about it. As far as I know, my friend and former professor and director and boss Mike Burnett introduced to the theatre students of Huntington College. As a freshman I instantly fell in love with it. It was silly. It was sad. It was absurd. It was release. After Mike left Huntington the department changed, but some of us tried. Some of us fought to keep the old traditions alive. Pickle ceremonies. Costumed awards banquets. The right music at strikes. And Guerrilla.

Pickle ceremonies fell first. Then Guerrilla. But we fought. My friend Brett and I would prepare as many things as we could for it just to try and get people to come out. By the time Brett graduated and I was a senior it was gone. With it a part of me left too.

But when I joked to my friend and boss, I guess?, Ryan that I wanted to host a show on the regular, he ran with it. There sat Guerrilla in my back pocket, ready. We had a venue waiting. It was ideal.

This Sunday marks our fourth show, but already I’m so in love with this set of a few hours every first and third Sunday of each month. I’ve watched old friends who fell out come back together. I’ve seen so many people try new things. I’ve watched myself change as a performer, which feels silly to say, but I know I have. I’m massively passionate about this show, and I’m so satisfied with it. I love watching it grow and change. I love that it challenges me. I love that it challenges other people. I love that it provides a space for people who haven’t had spaces. I love it.




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