Adventure in Gratitude Day 1

November is as good of a time as any to get a little sappy. Life has been hard and taking a beat to be grateful for the little and huge things will be good for me.

Day 1:

Let’s start with someone tiny who means something huge.

Over three years ago my friend came to my parents’  house where I was watching their dogs. He brought someone named Lizzie. Lizzie hid in the bathroom. Lizzie batted at dogs.

Lizzie moved with me to my apartment and was renamed. I tried to do it slowly like Lorelei with Paul Ainka, but like Lorelei I gave up quickly on the change from Lizzie to Lily to Gilly to Gildy to Gilda.

One giant leap. And now she’s set to stay with me forever. I love her. She kneads my aching abdomen. She hugs me around the neck when I hold her. She curls up beside me in bed when I cry and cry.

I need her. And I hope she needs me.

Thanks, Gilda Catner.


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