Adventure in Now that’s the business

Thank you to my wonderful and beautiful friend Dana for this.

Now, I don’t love this as far as spoken word poetry goes, but give the woman some credit because she’s got it right. Listen hard to her points, because, my sisters, we’re missing the point. We are missing our point. Oh we have missed it. Remember whose and why you are.

To kick off your thoughts. This is beautiful. To me this is beauty. This is a part of my definition. What does it look like to you? What is your definition of beauty? Words, poems, pictures, paintings, kittens, songs, whatever you’ve got, please, send your thoughts my way. I’m working to build a semi-comprehensive definition. If your definition is big boobs and a tight ass, then that’s your definition. Send it to me. If your definition is Mother Theresa I want that too. If your definition is grace. If it’s cake. If it’s ponies or patience. Send it my way.


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