Adventure in the Zombies are Rising. Today.

Yesterday morning Momper Insulation, an insulation warehouse, in Fort Wayne, Indiana, caught fire. The smoke from the fire could be seen from miles away. Fort Wayne residents in the area were warned to stay in their homes so they would not be exposed to the toxic fumes. Some people were even evacuated. Firefighters spent a good deal of time controlling the blaze, but eventually resolved to let the fire die out on its own. This decision was made so the toxin-infused water did not cause too much toxic run-off. Considerate.

KIND OF! Because here’s the thing. That warehouse is across the street from a very large cemetery. And today is Halloween. I didn’t think about it until my mom and I started making jokes. Actually, my mom. “The people in Lindenwood don’t have to worry,” she says. And I begin to say, “Yeah, because they’re dead,” but am cut short by my own thoughts. I gasp far too dramatically and shout, “MOM! Get a shotgun!” “What?!” “You have to protect yourself, because those dead people won’t be dead people for long. We’re talking zombies. Undead people.” She laughed. For a very long time.

Meanwhile, ZOMBIES. It’s here, kids.


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