Adventure in Politics and Things That Aren’t Acceptable

I don’t even know what to say. I just find this unacceptable. Not just that Rick Perry has never once wondered that he killed someone who was innocent, which is upsetting enough. It’s so upsetting, but cheering. And in that GOP debate that comment received the most response. Cheers over the 234 lives taken. Yes, people do bad things. People do heinous things. Is it justice though?

Personally, I’m someone who is keen on the idea of natural consequences, particularly in less heinous situations. And I know the government has a place in justice, a big place, and I acknowledge the need and respect it. But justice has nothing to do with the death penalty. That’s vengeance. 

Is a malpractice suit ethical? In that scenario a medical professional has sworn an oath not to harm, but is my bruised vertabrae and possible nuerological damage worth messing up that person’s life?

It’s brief, but I’m brief because I think that my former pastor Heath Pearson who is now attending Princeton’s seminary addresses the ethics of at least the death penalty a little, and by a little I mean leagues, better than I ever could. In this particular post Heath addresses the recent killing of Osama Bin Laden.


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