Adventure in Nearing the End

802) When it’s remotely possible read aloud, even to yourself.
803) Go on surprise roadtrips
804) Embrace spontaneity.
805) Do not fear a plan.
806) You should not ever have a reason to be afraid of the people you love and those who love you.
807) Every day does not have to be an event.
808) Never assume he’s flirting with you.
809) Assume he’s flirting with your friend. It’s easier.
810) Do not fear the seemingly mundane.
811) Enjoy your solitude when you can get it.
812) You won’t and don’t have to be invited to everything.
813) Understand the value of personal space. In yourself and others.
814) When it is possible know your friends’ families.
815) A quiet night alone is not the worst thing. Often it’s the best thing.
816) Being a part of a large group of friends will make it impossible to keep everyone happy.
817) It is not your responsibility to maintain everyone’s happiness.
818) Being a part of a large group of friends will make it impossible to keep everyone constantly included.
819) This includes you.
820) A good-bye should not last longer than the value of the relationship.
821) If he punches you in the shoulder as a greeting, he is not for you.
822) No one to stop pushing.
823) Don’t quit out of fear that you’ll fail.
824) Boys are dumb. (your grandmother’s rule)
825) Boys are jerks. (your grandmother’s rule)
826) There is no time for the emergency room. (your grandmother’s rule)
827) Once you begin waking up at a certain time every morning on a consistent basis it will become very difficult to sleep much passed that.
828) When distance is an issue, see the people important to you as often as you can, without being  a burden or obnoxious.
829) When people start to leave or things start to change keep in mind that you are not the only person in everyone’s life.
830) If the “long drive” is for a good reason it really won’t seem like that long of a drive.
831) When traveling stay with friends when you can.
832) But don’t be an imposition.
833) Even if you don’t like weddings they are a great excuse for a reunion.
834) Lose your cellphone for a few days. I promise it won’t kill you.
835) Keep a list in your head of the people you need to spend time with before you leave, wherever it is that you’re leaving.
836) Plan out the biggest or most important parts of a planned trip. Otherwise, leave the rest to fate and spontaneity.
837) Do not be ashamed of your past. It made you who you are.
838) Some of the most fascinating people you will ever meet, you will never see again
839) Everyone is a story. Listen to them.
840) Do not be controlled by fear.
841) It is not wrong to be concerned, but do not be consumed by worries and what-ifs.
842) A calm voice will get you much further in life than a silent one.
843) Do not sit silently by while you watch something you disagree with take place.
844) If you can change it or think you can, get to work.
845) Do not take more time off than you need.
846) You do not disappoint me.
847) In relationships, do not let anyone feel that what you want is the only way for things to happen.
848) Do not humiliate or defame people, in front of them, in front of others or otherwise.
849) In relationships, it is important to speak your mind.
850) In relationships, it is important to know when to stay quiet.


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