Adventure in Trying

651) Pray boldly.
652) Give more than you think you can afford.
653) Always unplug it first
654) Never work at a job for which you must drive a car covered in the company name and logo.
655) Some of the hardest truths to tell are the ones people most need to hear. 
656) If you feel compelled to speak painful truth into someone’s life, speak it. It’s not going to get easier.
657) It’s “nuclear” not “nucular.” Don’t be that person.
658) Picnic. Every chance you get.
659) Keep a frisbee in the car.
660) Life is beautiful.
661) There is always hope.
662) Self-neglegence is not selflessness.
663) Satisfying needs in your life is not selfishness.
664) When you can, pick the house with the fireplace.
665) Be a coupon clipper. 
666) Take all of your antibiotics.
667) Read the paper.
668) Watch the news.
669) Discuss things you don’t understand.
670) Discuss the sermons you hear.
671) It is not the pastor’s responsibility for you to learn.
672) In fact, learning in any regard is a personal production.
673) The struggles of your heart are not easily overcome alone.
674) God only does what is good, right and best.
675) Do not just be in a small group. Participate.
676) But only as long as the focus remains on God.
677) Always replace the trash bag.
678) When the roll is empty, put a new one on. Don’t just set it out.
679) Taxidermy. Don’t. Unless bear. (from your Uncle Joel)
680) Friends are never burdens.
681) Your cellphone is not more important than the people you are with. Unless it’s your mom.
682) Some of the best empathy you will receive will come from a dog. 
683) Some nights you desperately need to sleep. Often those are the nights you are most needed to stay up.
684) You aren’t missing that much by not eating meat.
685) When you leave the room turn off the light.
686) Recipes are guidelines not rules.
687) Experiment when you’re cooking.
688) Frogs are fun to catch and play with, but they are not pets. 
689) Puddles are for walking through.
690) Don’t give Satan too much credit; he doesn’t need the encouragement.
691) Where you want to be is not always where you need to be.
692) Only take a loan out on things that will pay it back. (college, house)
693) If you can’t afford it in the long run don’t buy it now.
694) Cars are to be given names.
695) Dog not cat.
696) Eat breakfast.
697) Embrace change.
698) Call your grandparents on their birthdays.
699) There’s always a reason to celebrate
700) Some times your first instinct is not the right answer. In fact, it often is not.


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