Adventure in Rules: Or some times people see things differently and that’s ok

501) Your opinions will not always line up with the opinions of others.
502) Apologizing does not just mean that you are wrong and the other person is right.
503) Apologizing means you value your relationship more than your ego.
504) Using the correct personal pronouns is irrelevant when discussing animals.
505) Magic has to be believed in. It’s the only way it’s real.
506) Give of yourself out of love, not to have it matched. It won’t be matched. Not if you’re doing it right.
507) Don’t let yourself be someone who can be called “pretentious.”
508) There are people out there, that you know, that just aren’t going to be your friends.
509) Love them anyway.
510) The unknown is terrifying. Pursue it
511) There is no amount of time too short to give of yourself for others.
512) Love the people around you like you’ll never leave them.
513) Love them like it’s your last day with them too.
514) If you focus on too much on the future, constantly thinking about when you’re leaving next and where you’re going, you’ll neglect and alienate those around you at the present.
515) Your worth is not found in your ability to do anything.
516) Being sick or bed ridden or even briefly incapacitated does not make you worthless.
517) Don’t rush to get better. It may only make you worse.
518) If something seems not quite right about your body and the way things are supposed to be, address it as soon as you notice it.
519) If you must be angry don’t dwell on it.
520) But don’t pour it on someone else either.
521) Work it out in a civil way. There’s no sense making it worse.
522) The people to avoid as an adult are the ones who make you react like you are a teenager.
523) People that cause you as an adult to react like a teenager are not the mature individuals they claim to be.
524) Often, the things people claim about themselves are the direct opposite of what is true about them.
525) Be aware of your dialect.
526) When the doctor asks you if you want to see something, no matter how gross it sounds at the time, say yes. You get one chance.
527) Sweatshirts without hoods are the best for lying around the house.
528) Death is horrible. It’s heartbreaking. It will happen. Do not fear it.
529) If you would not say something that person you should not say it when he/she is not around.
530) If it is something you would say to that person and you say it when he/she is not around, you best be prepared for the fact that he/she has heard that you said it.
531) People who like to create drama will try to talk you into a trap. If you don’t have anything to hide this won’t work.
532) There are worse things in life than petty people not liking you.
533) There are worse things in life than people not liking you.
534) The book will always be better than the movie.
535) Don’t judge the movie too harshly because of this. They are separate entities created by different artists.
536) Even if you give them no reason at all some people will think ill of you.
537) Take your own blankets to the hospital.
538) Do puzzles.
539) Not all that is bad that will happen to you is your fault. Don’t feel compelled to always take the blame.
540) Do not be a slave to technology
541) Know how to do things the manual way.
542) Do not be afraid to say no.
543) Thank people, for even the smallest of things.
544) The first time you decide you want to dye your hair you must ask.
545) Some of your best friends, you’ll only see on the rarest of occasions.
546) Your school picture may be “forever,” but it’s just a picture. Wear what you want.
547) You will inevitably take on more than you can handle. Prioritize.
548) Do not let one bad thing distract you from all of the beautiful things going on around you.
549) It is often the most minor mistakes that upset us. Remember all of you done right.
550) Watch Star Wars. Every Christmas.


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