And so it goes:

351) Make anything an adventure
352) Adventure often.
353) Go on kiss a stranger. But not as your first kiss.
354) Moms are built-in friends
355) Keep a vast collection of books and movies.
356) If you find a job that allows you not to do much work, and you find that agreeable. Do work, so you can keep that job.
357) Some times you just need to get out and go somewhere. Go when the thought comes to you.
358) Don’t blindly shoot down suggestions
359) Consider the advice of loved ones, friends and elders. Those that fit all three of these categories are especially important to listen to.
360) Love yourself.
361) You cannot love others if you don’t love yourself.
362) Always try to be better at what you do.
363) Check your oil often
364) Thick skin is important
365) But don’t be too terse with those who love you
367) It’s okay to be a cryer. Better that than to seem too insensitive or cold-hearted
368) If you must correct someone do it quietly.
369) If you can help it don’t correct people.
370) Secrets are one thing with which you can be stingy.
371) Share your dreams though. Maybe you’ll share them with the right person to help make them come true.
372) Have a set place that you always put your keys.
373) Anyone that insists your nails be a natural color must understand that means the color of your skin, black, purple and very rarely read.
374) So I say paint them whatever color you wish.
375) There’s no situation that cannot be improved with pizza.
376) When there’s nothing else to do a good drive might be in order.
377) Keep no man on your hook.
378) Being polite can get you a long way.
379) Your attitude is a choice.
380) No matter how trendy it is it really is not that great to abbrev things.
381) “I love you” is a powerful phrase.
382) Don’t over use it or it will lose its value.
383) And don’t use it to solve problems or fill dead space.
384) Some of the best eggs you will ever buy will come from a stand on the side of the road.
385) As will the best produce.
386) Your gas tank should stay above a quarter tank full. Gauges cannot be trusted.
387) Some of the best friends you’ll make will come when you least want to be where you are.
388) The hair care products best for your hair do not include wax in their ingredients.
389) Keep a hair tie with you at all times.
390) Never pay more than $20 for a flat-iron
391) Some days all it takes is mascara
392) Movies are best watched when cuddling.
393) Or hysterically laughing.
394) Or with 10 people on one couch, which is a lot like cuddling.
395) We are all vain. Don’t be tricked by those who pretend not to be.
396) Accept compliments graciously, even if you don’t believe them
397) Accept apologies graciously. They’re some of the hardest things to give.
398) If it is important call. Don’t text.
399) If you must react to cruelty do not react further than you are acted on.
400) Never cause anyone more pain than they’ve caused you.


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