Adventures in Basic Lessons

254) Fly a kite
255) Teeth are not forgiving. Take care of them.
256) Camp
257) Go to camp
258) At least one summer be a counselor
259) Try foods that scare you or sound/look gross
260) Ice skate every winter
261) Study
262) Sidewalks are for 2 things. Walking and chalking.
263) Learn a foreign language. If only with the most basic understanding
264) Keep a journal of even the most trivial things.
265) Have a zombie plan
266) Treat your robots well
267) Keep a flashlight in your car
268) Keep a blanket in your car
269) Try your hand at a sport for at least a year
270) Play tag with your friends even if you think you’re too old.
271) Same with hide and seek
272) Knit
273) Cross stitch at least once.
274) Be familiar with geography
275) Camp out in the backyard. One time more than you feel cool enough doing.
276) Know how to build a fire.
277) No lemonade stands
278) Know the Bill of Rights
279) Memorize a piece of literature; poem, monologue, piece from a book, etc.
280) Hike
281) Join a club.
282) Climb on things.
283) Go ahead. Cut your own hair. Just once though.
284) If your shirt has eyes they better not be on your boobs.
285) Snacks on roadtrips are a must
286) When you’re pretending to be a ballerina make sure the room is cleared.
287) Never let your roots show
288) As often as you can let your hair air dry.
289) Learn how to play Bridge
290) Pee outside at least once
291) You are never too old to play floor is lava
292) If you can help it don’t raise your voice.
293) Command a room without being demanding
294) If his pants are tighter than yours he is not for you
295) If his pants do not stay on even with the aid of a belt he is not for you.
296) Your shoes and belt and purse don’t have to match.
297) Don’t wear a belt unless you need it
298) The bigger your boobs are the less appropriate a fitted vest is
299) Live as simply as you can tolerate.
300) Ice cream sandwiches build friendships.


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